Abdominal Hernia Pictures

What is an Abdominal hernia?

An abdominal hernia occurs when a part of an organ or tissue in the abdomen – such as the intestines or the stomach – projects out of the wall of the natural cavity which contains it. Hernias can be present as congenital defects but can also occur later on in life due to weaknesses in the muscle or fascia that physically encase the organs. Hernias can occur in other areas of the body but abdominal hernias are the most common type.

Abdominal Hernia Symptoms

  • A localized swelling is visible on the abdomen or in the groin area
  • The bulge may be occasionally painful but is non-tender when touched
  • The bulge is observably larger or more protuberant when the patient stands or when he or she exerts pressure on the abdomen such as through coughing

Abdominal Hernia Causes

A hernia develops due to any weakness in the muscular walls that enclose a particular organ. The weakness can be due to any developmental defects that may be present upon childbirth or due to lifestyle factors that weaken the internal walls such as poor nutrition, smoking, or constant overexertion through heavy weight lifting. Generally, any activities that increase the pressure within the abdominal cavity can cause or worsen a herniation.

Abdominal Hernia Treatment

Abdominal hernias can be treated through both surgical procedures and non-surgical procedures. If a hernia has a relatively large opening, surgery is often advised against and treatment can be achieved through abdominal binders. Surgically, hernias are repaired through pushing back the particular organ that has managed to jut out of its normal cavity, and then proceeding by sealing the opening through which the hernia projected. Recurrence is avoided through the surgical removal of the damaged or weakened muscle, so that the repaired enclosure only consists of healthy and properly reinforced muscular tissue.

Abdominal Hernia Pictures

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