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What is Tinea Corporis?

Tinea corporis, also commonly called ringworm because of its ring-like outline on the affected areas, is a very common superficial dermatophyte infection caused by different species of fungi jointly referred to as tinea. It is distinguished by either inflammatory or non-inflammatory lesions on glabrous skin.

A mold-like fungus, known as dermatophyte is the primary cause of tinea corporis. They are opportunistic organism but still part of the normal microorganisms living on the superficial skin. When the environment becomes suitable, they can provoke the onset of infection.

The disease can be acquired through direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. Another common mode of transmission is animal-human transmission. Inanimate objects such as personal care products can also be contaminated. Susceptible individuals include those who stay in heavily congested moist regions, people who sweat excessively, those who play in close contact sports and those who are immunocompromised.

It may have an array of clinical presentations depending on the affected area. If the skin is affected, it appears as round red patches. As it grows towards the outside, the middle portion heals, leaving a red circle where infection continues to be active.

This skin disorder can frequently be treated with the use of OTC antifungal creams and solutions, usually applied two times a day. To ensure absolute eradication of the fungal infection, a continued use of the medicated cream for a recommended amount of time is advised. If these treatments fail, a stronger drug taken orally is prescribed.

Pictures of Tinea Corporis

Images, Photos and Pictures of Tinea Corporis…

tinea corporis pictures

tinea corporis pictures

tinea corporis pictures

tinea corporis pictures

tinea corporis pictures

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