Dry Socket Pictures

What is a Dry Socket?

Also known as alveolar osteitis, a dry socket is a dental problem which is very painful and develops after the extraction of a permanent adult tooth.

This problem happens when the clot of blood at the tooth extraction site has come dislodged or has dissolved prone to the wound being fully healed. The exposure of the nerves as well as the underlying bone causes intense pain.

Sockets which are dry are the more frequent complications to happen after extractions of teeth, such as removing an imbedded wisdom tooth. When this condition occurs, the pain normally starts 1 to 3 days following the extraction.

OTC drugs by themselves will not sufficiently treat the pain of these dry sockets. As a result, the dental or oral surgeon can start therapy which lessens pain and supports healing.

Dry Socket Symptoms

Symptoms and signs of this condition can include:

  • Serious pain within several days after extraction of a tooth
  • Total or partial loss of the clot of blood at the site of the extraction which leaves an empty-looking socket
  • Bone visible in the socket
  • Pain which radiates from socket to the ear, eye, neck or temple on the identical side of the face as the extraction
  • Breath that is bad or an odor which is foul coming from the mouth
  • Taste in mouth that is unpleasant
  • Swollen lymphatic nodes around neck or jaw

A definite degree of discomfort and pain is common after extraction of a tooth. But, you normally are able to manage pain with the pain reliever given to you by your dentist or oral surgeon and that pain should get better with time. If there is the development of worsening or new pain in the days after extraction, contact your dentist or oral surgeon as quickly as possible.

Dry Socket Pictures

Photos, Images and Pictures of dry socket ( wisdom tooth)…

Dry Socket Pictures

Dry Socket Pictures

Dry Socket Pictures

Dry Socket Pictures

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